Malaysian Alternatives To Single-Use Plastics

Put an end to unnecessary single-use plastics with easy-to-get alternatives.
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Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Bonneau @ZeroWasteChef

To go cold turkey on single-use plastics might sound like an impossible order, since it’s not easy to change long-standing habits. Then, there’s also the matter of convenience. But, a little less convenience is a small price to pay for the longevity of our home planet.

You can start by slowly cutting back on single-use plastics at home and in the office. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags, and bring along your own cup or bottle instead of using disposable cups. All these can be done with little effort.

In the kitchen

Photo Credit: Hip and Healthy

1. Pack food in stainless steel containers instead of plastic or Styrofoam ones.
2. Shop for food in bulk or buy directly from the farmers to minimise your consumption of pre-wrapped goods.
3. Store dry goods in glass jars (re-use your jam jars!).
4. Use reusable drinking bottles, coffee cups, cutlery, and straws.
5. Use beeswax wraps instead of cling film when wrapping food.

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