Why Wearing The Right Sports Bra Matters

Wearing the right sports bra ensures you're comfortable when working out, no matter if it's a gentle stretch, long run or intense full-body routine.
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The right sports bra is essential for any workout session – whether it’s at the gym, outdoors or at home. It’s not just about preventing your breasts from bouncing up and down and attracting the wrong kind of attention. One that fits well also helps in keeping your body in good shape.

Mohamed Faisal, an exercise scientist from Muscle Architecture, shares three main reasons you should always wear a good one when working out:


  1. Reducing movement to the copper ligament and surrounding tissues minimizes long-term sagging, and prevents discomfort, including back injuries and breast pain.
  2. It’s been proven to increase performance by promoting more economical movements and optimised techniques.
  3. Great for support while nursing injuries or post-surgery issues.

The Sports Bra We Recommend

The Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad

The problem: Two uneven, misplaced or misshapen pads
The solution: Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad

Let’s face it: Pad problems are real in women’s sports bras. They’re hard to insert and sometimes even harder to smooth once they’re finally put in correctly. They can lead to misshapen boobs, or they fall out in the wash, never to be seen or paired correctly together again.

The Nike Swoosh Bra is the brand’s classic, take-you-anywhere sports bra. It’s now got a major upgrade with the One Piece Pad – a singular top-loading bra pad, which can also serve as a pocket system for storage.

Never done before in sports bras, it’s crafted to be seamlessly inserted and removed as desired. The slightly thicker padding also provides more modesty and an enhanced shape.

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