These Habits Keep You Healthy and Happy During CNY

Tweak the way you celebrate CNY to stay happy and healthy!
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As we usher in a new decade, 2020 is also the Year of the Rat, the beginning of the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. Although the rat may not be everyone’s favourite animal, one could learn a thing or two from this lean and mean creature, as we get ready for Chinese New Year festivities with family and friends. With endless rounds of pineapple tarts at every open house, to the third Lou Sang of the day, followed by a 10-course dinner; CNY feasting can put a toll on your body and kidneys.

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The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) of Malaysia shares some healthy eating tips to help you stay happy during and after the celebration.

Aim for Smaller Portions

It is always tempting to heap your plate with food at CNY open house buffet parties. But if you do so at every house you visit, one would almost certainly end the holiday feeling horribly uncomfortable.

Instead, take a cue from our rodent Si Fu (mentor) and try having smaller bites at each meal. One way around this is to use a smaller plate. This can help trick your brain and stomach into feeling full with much less. Scientists call this the ‘Delboeuf Illusion’.

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