Review: Nyra Women’s Health Mobile App

Keep track of your feminine health and get discrete doctors' advice, right at your fingertips.

Have you ever forgotten the start and end date of your menstrual cycle? Been so busy that you didn’t realise you’d skipped your supplements?

Female health, especially its association with periods, has long been a taboo subject. Although, nowadays, more women are speaking up about issues related to periods and feminine health. However, many still remain quiet about the questions that inevitably pop up in their mind. This stigma is due to the societal construct of female health as less important within a society. It’s also often considered unpleasant to be discussed openly.

Nyra is a user-friendly app by Vivant, a digital health technology management platform. Its goal is to make it easy for women, in Malaysia and Asia, to monitor their feminine health on a regular basis. It’s facilitated with an in-app chat feature that helps women to get feedback immediately from doctors regarding health issues.

Thus, Nyra serves as an all-in-one solution: tracking your periods, fertility, ovulation, physical activity, symptoms and diet. In short, information that can help you understand your body more intimately. Just by entering your information, the app will present to you personalised health and fertility stats.

Besides this, Nyra also assists women in having a direct and private conversation with doctors. This discrete service covers issues pertaining to sexual health, fertility, contraception, and also pregnancy. Another good reason to have this app  in your phone: it reminds you to take your medication and supplements.

Here’s how Nyra looks !

Period calculator

I feel the app plays an integral role in accurately determining the date of my next period. For those with irregular menses, you can update the information in the app. Over time, you’ll be able to track the pattern of your menses. One tap quickly lets me see the information I’ve keyed in. Wherever I am, the info is all there at my fingertips.


Customised suggestions

The app also has a segment where users can answers a set of questions to find out more about their health condition. I find this helpful, especially as I’m given recommendations to improve my condition. For example, there are suggestions on what I need to do to reduce tenderness in my breasts during my period. It also helps that these suggestions are immediate, and comprehensive enough for an online assessment.

Health guide

Another section of the app is known as health insights, where users can get access to articles related to female health issues. From what I see, articles are mostly inclined towards the health of female genitalia. With the help of this function, I managed to find the answer to why I’ve been experiencing irregular menses.

Doctors on call

As mentioned earlier in this story, Nyra offers users the ability to communicate with doctors. These doctors reply to questions, besides giving advice and opinions on the matter being discussed. When it’s necessary, they’ll also ask you for more details, so as to provide more accurate information.

I find them to be very responsive as the doctors do reply immediately when they’re online. I have cleared my doubts twice through chats with female doctors and feel very much relieved after getting a satisfactory answer.

However, if the doctors are offline, users are required to send them an e-mail which they’ll  see when they’re online.

I tried the English version of Nyra, but the good news is it’s now also available in Bahasa Malaysia. This gives those who favour Bahasa Malaysia, or who use it as their first language, the ability to confidently navigate women’s health.

Nyra is available now on Apple and Google app stores.