Ease The Effects of Haze On Your Eyes and Throat With These Foods

Load up on these and stay indoors.
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Now that the haze season is back with a vengeance, it’s time for us to do everything we can to keep us from getting ill . The API for Petaling Jaya this morning stood at 204, which is a very unhealthy level.  While the API readings are worsening around us, you may already be experiencing the negative health effects of breathing in all that wind-blown haze, such as itchy throat, dry and irritated eyes and runny nose.

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To counter these symptoms, load up on these TCM (traditional chinese medicine) foods that have health-boosting properties. Plus, they’re all easily available here!

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum has long been used to treat eye problems such as sore eyes, dry eyes and blurred vision.

Consume it: Put a few pieces of chrysanthemum flowers into a cup and pour in hot water. Let it sit for 20 minutes before drinking the tea.

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