What To See, Do & Eat In Copenhagen

Don't miss out on what this cheerful Scandinavian city in Denmark has to offer!
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Not much has been shared about Copenhagen. Often deemed small in size but huge in price (thanks to the prosperous economy and the very high tax that the people pay), Denmark is tucked away at the northern tip of Germany and the southern end of Sweden. It is also perhaps one of Scandinavia’s most quaint countries due to its relatively petite land and yet charming surroundings.

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And in the centre of it all lies Copenhagen, the beaming capital of Denmark. I have always been intrigued by Copenhagen simply because the city receives less publicity compared to her neighbours. So, to fulfil my curiosity, I decided to go on a Scandinavian tour and started my trip there.

True to my expectations, Copenhagen did not disappoint from the very beginning. Having a reputation of being highly developed like all Scandinavian countries, it’s no surprise that Denamrk is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world.

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