Places You Can Travel To and Volunteer

Going on holiday and paying-it-forward by being a volunteer can truly make it a meaningful trip. These are countries you can travel to and give back.
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It’s always important to give back to society, and if you’re someone with a wanderlust spirit, who loves to travel across the globe, you can combine the two together to make your trip a fulfilling one.

‘Voluntourism’ gives you the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the locals, while contributing to the development of their communities. In short, it brings together the enjoyment of travel and the chance to do social work.

A standard voluntourism package would include projects that vary from working at construction sites to helping out with environmental conservation, as well as teaching or tutoring. Here are a few countries that you can consider visiting to pitch in your time, energy and expertise.


For all animal lovers, you can take an active part in raising awareness for the protection of wildlife, in a nature park set in a tropical forest. Oceans 2 Earth specialises in Australian animal welfare programmes that are dedicated to rescuing, caring for, and the healing of Australian wildlife before returning them to their natural habitat.

Puerto Rico

This island nation in the Caribbean is known for its scenic beaches and landscapes, but it’s still in the midst of rebuilding and recovering from the damage brought on by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. The municipality of Yabuoca in the eastern region was hit the worst, affecting 37,000 residents. Even today, hundreds of homes still require basic roof repairs. Further into the interior of the island, the mountain municipality of Barranquitas was also ruined by the storm and cut-off from all visitors because of landslides, making it inaccessible for weeks.

All Hands and Hearts is a relief organisation that is working towards long-term repairs to houses severely damaged by the hurricanes. Volunteer activities will mostly consist of mucking and gutting home interiors, demolition, mold sanitation, tree removal, and roof repair.

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