Hidden Gems in Singapore’s Keong Saik Neighbourhood

It's home to beautiful cafes, delicious food, one-of-a-kind hotels, and vibrant street art.

The charming Keong Saik neighbourhood is in Singapore's Chinatown. Once a red-light district and the hangout of small-time criminals, it's now still brimming with activity -- but of the trendier kind! A favourite among Singaporeans in the know, Keong Saik is the go-to place to experience the city's urban culture, gastronomy, energy and personality. One such quirky addition to this neighbourhood is Hotel Soloha, a boutique establishment that recently welcomed its very first guests.

Josh Hu, Hotel Soloha's founder, shares with us his guide to discovering Keong Saik's hidden gems. If you're getting around Singapore using the MRT, disembark at Outram Park.

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Tong Ah Eating House

This coffee shop has long been revered for its crispy kaya toast. However, not many are aware that this renowned toast is special-order item. Customers need to intentionally request for the eatery’s ‘super crispy toast’ when placing their order for the kaya toast set.

The ‘super crispy toast’ is toasted three times, and in-between each toasting, the charred surface is scraped off with the lid of a can of condensed milk. Naturally, by the third toasting, the bread would have lost all its moisture, and what remains is a light, crumbly wafer. This is then paired with their homemade kaya, which, according to hearsay, is cooked over a small heat for 10 hours.

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