Easy Hacks For A Safe Balik Kampung

Have a smooth and joyful journey home during the festive season!

Time flies so fast that we’re already nearly at the end of the fasting month – which means it’s about time to start our Raya planning, if we haven’t. The festive season entails an extensive prep list covering new outfits, decorations, biscuits and other goodies, and travel plans to celebrate it with loved ones.

Your balik kampung journey doesn’t have to be risky, uncomfortable or even costly if you start preparing now with these handy tips.

Via bus

Choosing to ride the bus back for Raya is often the most cost effective. For this reason, it’s also an incredibly popular option, so do book in advance! You don’t want to miss out on enjoying Raya with your loved ones.

Do pack a comfortable neck pillow to avoid neck strains while travelling long hours. And, add sanitisers and disinfectants to the list, too – you never know what else is travelling with you! Raya is the one time you do not want to be sick!

Toilet trips may be a bit of a situation while on the bus. Stay hydrated – without needing the washroom every hour – by swapping mineral water for energy drinks.

Via flight

Most of the time, travelling by road isn’t an option when you’re oceans apart from your family. But, that also doesn’t entail having to spend a bomb on flight tickets. It’s too late to take advantage of early-bird deals, but you can still search for the best prices using online booking platforms such as Traveloka.

Travel insurance is also often provided (though always double-check if it’s not clearly advertised). Just recently, Traveloka Malaysia partnered with Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad to provide flight insurance plans for both domestic and international flights. You can find out more at www.traveloka.com/en-my/insurance/malaysia.plan.

While booking your seat, also take into consideration which part of the plane it’s at. Avoid taking one at the rear part of the plane if you’re prone to getting motion sickness on flights. Seats located closer to the wings are more stable than those at the tail end.

Long-haul flights can cause your skin to dry up excessively, so make sure you moisturise diligently – in fact, there ain’t no shame in wearing a face mask on the flight. It pays to look like Casper for a few minutes and wake up to bright, refreshed skin!

Via car

Before you belt out the late Sudirman’s Balik Kampung, plan your journey well as road trips can often be risky – more so during peak travel periods. Before making your journey, ensure your vehicle has been serviced and is up to the journey. You really want to avoid any breakdowns and being the cause of a traffic crawl near Gopeng. Research a couple of alternative routes too, in case of unforeseen traffic.

Another thing to consider would be carpooling with people who live in the same area. You’ll be able to share out the cost of fuel and toll – plus, pass around some healthy snacks and play fun car games along the way!