Best Ways To Keep To Your Holiday Budget

Avoid stressing about money when you're on holiday with these tips.
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Skip the hotel breakfast

How many of you voluntarily get up earlier than 9am while you’re on holiday, just to make it on time for that hotel breakfast that ends at 10? If you think about it, most hotel breakfasts are basic and hardly worth waking up for, unless you’re staying in a swanky 5-star hotel. Why would anyone want to get up early while on vacation for cold toast, packet juice and eggs that neverturn out right?
It’s mind-boggling that hotel room packages still come with the option to include breakfast. But the answer is simple — it’s an easy way for the hotel to pad your total bill. Don’t forget, all charges are subject to tax and service fees, daily, which can add up to something obscene at checkout.
Unless you’re making a last minute booking and don’t have a choice, (or you know, Gordon Ramsay himself is cooking), always book your room without breakfast. You’ll either get to enjoy sleeping in late, or have a little adventure exploring the nearby food stalls for a more authentic, local breakfast. Either way, you won’t be missing the hotel breakfast.

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