I Took A K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul

It was fun, beginner-friendly and a lot less intimidating than I'd feared!
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How did it go?

Selfie before class

I was the oldest, with the youngest being two sisters aged about 8 and 12. The others were in their late teens and 20s. But this hardly mattered, as throughout the lesson, the vibe was one of acceptance and learning. The intimate class size also ensured everyone could see and follow our instructor. Although she didn’t speak much English, she expressed herself through body language, and there was a translator on hand who spoke English and Mandarin.

Getting into formation

The class’s duration of 2.5 hours was just nice to learn and practice the song’s key moves, without leaving us winded and exhausted. Towards the end, we were split into two groups to film the choreography we’d learnt – culminating in our very own ‘music video’!

We all made mistakes, and didn’t perfect the dance. But, we were keen students who had fun and connected over this shared experience, in a foreign country. We also have this amazing memory to look back on when reminiscing about our trip. And I get to say, “I took a K-pop dance class in Seoul!”

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