I Took A K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul

It was fun, beginner-friendly and a lot less intimidating than I'd feared!
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When in Seoul…

Airbnb’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, especially on the mobile app. A clear description of each Experience is given, along with available dates, price, location on a map, and ratings from previous guests.

Based on these criteria, I chose to book the ‘Dance like a K-pop star for beginners‘ Airbnb Experience. Besides the obvious reassurance that the class would be beginner-friendly, the studio was close to both a subway station and my home base in Seoul. It also had many positive reviews, and on the date I’d chosen, we’d be learning the choreography to Fake Love by BTS (the group that roped me back into K-pop)!

Booking through Airbnb was very smooth, and the Experience was charged to my credit card. This ensured I didn’t have to carry around a stack of Won, or worry about whether I’d have enough to pay for the class. Great, too, for those on a short stopover. I could also get in touch with the studio anytime, through Airbnb’s ‘Contact Host’ feature.

Before the dance class began, I was sent a reminder to ensure it didn’t slip my mind in the midst of travel chaos. Not that I would have forgotten about it, being all excited and counting down the days. And as advertised, the studio was bright, airy and easy to find. First impression: good.

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