I Took A K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul

It was fun, beginner-friendly and a lot less intimidating than I'd feared!
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This August, I bid goodbye to the last of my 20s — the age group most K-pop artistes belong to. In fact, many of the newer groups have members nearly half my age (I’m still making peace with this). So instead of daydreaming about dating ‘oppa, as I did in my teens, I’ve moved on to a healthier interest: the choreography and aesthetics of K-pop songs.

When an opportunity to travel to Seoul came up, a dance class was naturally high up on my wishlist. Nevertheless, as I began to do my research, I grew more and more nervous. Which dance studio do I go with? Would the instructor speak English? Could I cope with the pace and intensity of the class? How do I even sign up? As luck would have it, an email from Airbnb landed in my inbox, highlighting their K-pop and K-beauty Experiences in Seoul.

With Airbnb, travellers can book unique Experiences to explore Korea’s electrifying K-pop scene alongside local musicians and professional dance instructors. Or, pick up the latest K-beauty tips from local beauty experts. These activities are curated and led by inspiring locals, allowing guests to meet and connect with a community of travellers and locals who share the same interest.

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