How Yoga Helps In Reducing Stress

Inside yoga and the ripple effect it has towards the mind and the body

More often than not when you attend a yoga class, the instructor will tell you that the practice of yoga isn’t just about building strength and flexibility in your body, but it also has a direct relation towards your mental and emotional wellbeing.

They would probably also mention how you should take everything you learn in yoga (deep breathing, softening of the muscles, clearing the mind and enjoying the present) and apply it in your daily life. With time, studies have found that these techniques have the capability of eliminating negativity and daily stresses.

Picture credit: Fitness Magazine

Yoga and Illnesses 

As Atilia Haron, founder of Yogaonethatiwant explained at the launch of Organic Life KL, “Yoga is a great way to practice proper breathing techniques, which in turn teaches one to be more calm and centred”.

She also adds, “I have mild ADHD, meaning I get agitated very fast. I can’t focus properly and yoga has kept me more grounded which is the main reason why I stayed on”. 

Atilia says to The Weekly that she falls in love with yoga on a daily basis because she learns something new about her body every day. “At first it was just physical, after a while it was more of a mental well being thing. I discovered I became more patient and more open to a lot of things as well as becoming more accepting towards both the good and the bad”.

We also found out from her if there was a direct relation between yoga and common diseases that occur nowadays such as cancer, diabetes, and mental illnesses namely depression.

This is what she has to say:

“Absolutely, everything goes back to the mind. Your mind takes over everything, be it good or bad. When you have a strong mind, you will automatically feel better about your body and it will self-heal magically. As you get stronger and as your breathing gets better, I believe it helps you to be much stronger and positive mentally. Positivity and a strong mind work hand in hand. These two have the capability to help overcome a lot of illnesses and diseases. There are also a lot of poses that is created for specific kinds of pains and illnesses that one can practice”.

Grab a mat!

You can start by simply practising proper breathing techniques via Youtube videos at home for 10 minutes daily, either in the morning or before you go to sleep. You would be surprised to find out how  many of us have been doing it wrong all these years!

Alternatively, you could also attend the many yoga classes available according to your schedule.

If you feel slightly overwhelmed with the many kinds of yoga practised and unsure which is best for you, why not give The Organic Life KL a go?

Organic Life KL

The 2-day event is jam packed with a multitude of different types of yoga (perfect for all levels!) and healthy living. Taking place at Publika, the event will be from August 25 to August 26.

Yogis such as Atilia Haron, All Rashid Shariff, Foo & Junko, Hansen Lee and Jojo Struys will be one the many presenters there. For more details on the event, head to The Organic Life KL.