How To Organize a Sustainable Wedding

Let’s be real – you don’t need an over-the-top wedding to prove your love for each other. Instead of worrying about saving face in front of relatives, how about saving some dough and going green?
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Weddings are typically an extravagant affair. Some couples plan and save up for years, just to afford an elaborate fairy-tale wedding. But many of us don’t realise the impact weddings have on our environment.

The Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP) recently launched their #KnotTheWaste campaign on their 10th Anniversary, with the support of World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature-Malaysia and EcoKnights. The campaign sheds light on the small steps couples can take to minimise their carbon footprint when tying the knot.

The Wedding Dress

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Walking down the aisle in a hand-tailored wedding dress is every bride’s dream. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress glorify luxurious wedding gowns, leaving us with unrealistic expectations of what a ‘perfect’ bride should look like. Instead of a new gown, consider buying a preloved wedding dress, or purchasing from designers who work with organic and sustainable materials. You may also opt to rent your gowns and that of your bridal party, or have them express the theme in their own garments.

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