How Asian Women Can Break The Period Taboo

In this day and age, we should no longer need to feel shy about menstruating.
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Be it ‘That Time of The Month’ or a ‘Visit From Aunt Flo’, we all have a special name for it. That’s because many of us refrain from saying the ‘P’ word out loud, especially in public.  Why is that so? Why are we so embarrassed about it? “Period is something that happens to us every month, so why should we avoid talking about it and even feel sorry about it?” says Sharifah Amani, the well-loved actress in Libresse’s ‘Get Your Fit’ campaign.

EDUCATION – period is NOT a taboo

Libresse ‘Get Your Fit’ Advocates, Sharifah Amani and Filzah Awok

Sharifah Amani shares that back in school, her friends would whisper to her when asking if she had a sanitary pad. “I would just pass it to them without any embarrassment, like ‘Nah, take it!’. But they were so taken aback, shushing me from saying it aloud. I would wonder why,” she recalls. It’s a story that we can all relate to. She chalks up situations like these to a lack of education.

In her opinion, we need to stop avoiding the topic, be it women or men. She reveals how her mother, the veteran actress Fatimah Abu Bakar, was the only daughter in her family. As she wasn’t taught about menstruation, she panicked when she had her first period at the age of 13, thinking something was wrong with her body.

“I think because she went through that, so she knew how to engage with me and my sisters on the issue. I’m so glad that my mother spoke to us so openly while we were growing up,” she adds. Sharifah Amani also notes that it’s very important for men to be educated on menstruation. When they have a good grasp of periods, they’ll understand the ladies more. The ladies would also feel more comfortable around the men while having their period.

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