Honest Reviews Of Joven’s Appliances

It’s a new year — maybe you’re looking to replace the electrical items around your house? We’re excited to share with you feedback from Joven’s customers on their experience using the brand’s electrical appliances.

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Showers for the soul


Before Aliff Syahadat bought a Joven water heater for his home, he could only take warm showers when visiting his mum. There was no choice but to do the ‘ice bucket challenge’ every morning. “I feel that there is a big difference when you’re able to take a warm shower. As a working adult, you have to wake up early every day and maybe even return home late. These are the times when the water from the tap is much colder,” Aliff says.

He did initially have trouble convincing his eldest son to take showers. But, they’ve since found a way to keep things fun! “We’ll let him use the rain shower setting, and when it’s play time, we switch to the hand shower function. He really enjoys bathing now as he gets to play with water. These options are the best thing about Joven’s water heaters. Another reason why we chose Joven is because the hand shower comes with a few different function settings. For bathing our baby, we can adjust the water flow to a milder pressure to provide a suitable water pressure for the baby. As for the temperature, we can also adjust it to a level that is comfortable for the baby,” he enthuses.

Having to be a Joven customer for the past six years, he “chose Joven mainly because of its reliability and the price is also very affordable. Design wise, it is also very appealing.” He would definitely recommend Joven to any of his friends looking to ease their long, tiring day with a hot shower.

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