Her World Tries : Unique Fitness Activities in Klang Valley

Bungee workout? Ski training in Malaysia? Yup, these aren't your usual ways to get fit!
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We took on a few unique fitness activities available in the Klang Valley and here’s what we thought!


Bungee Workout @ Viva Vertical

“I thought it was exciting! It’s a fresh way to explore courage (because I almost fell on my face as I was very gung ho to fly) and to push the boundaries of our fears. At the same time, you’re getting a full-body workout and working on your reflexes!”

– Eena Houzyama, editor

Nana (middle, front) conducted the class for us!

“If you’re looking for a fun workout session, definitely give this one a try! I would like to say it’s like HIIT – since there are lunges and squats in the routine – but with a lot of steady, jumpy movements too. It’s a great way to push your workout to the next level as it adds resistance / weight to your workout. And if you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid to give this a go too – the instructor is super nice and would customize the workout to fit your capabilities. I had a lot of fun and would definitely do it again! PS: My arms, glutes and quads were sore the next day, which surprised me because it didn’t feel like a workout during the class! KASI LIMA BINTANG!”

– Nadhirah Othman, fashion and beauty writer

“I thought it would be really scary at first (hello, fear of heights and crazy imagination). To be honest, there were some moments where my heart was in my mouth. But our instructor was really encouraging and reassuring, plus I knew the safety harness is top-notch. So as I began to relax and get into the spirit of the class, I found myself letting go of those fears and having fun. Not having worked out in a while, I found it quite intense. A great full-body workout!”

– Adelina Tan, deputy editor

“I’m always looking to switch up my fitness routine, so, I was thrilled to discover The Bungee Workout – a cardio-based class that ensures you get in plenty of fun while sweating it out. Firstly, we had to don some padded pants before we were hooked up to a harness (much like rock climbing). Then, it was all about getting used to moving about with it – performing some squats, push-ups, and jumps. The squats and any movement that required you to move away from the bungee (including runs) and towards the ground were a lot more challenging than anticipated as there was added resistance – while those that required you to leap, jump, and push up from the ground felt almost effortless! The most important thing to realise that it is mind over matter as there can be a fear of losing control during your jumps or falling face flat on the ground.

Rest assured though – it’s plenty safe and the instructor will guide you patiently through all movements and really, nothing beats the thrill of when you find yourself suspended in air for a few seconds. Once you’ve gotten the moves down pat, you’ll combine everything for a choreography sequence to catch tunes. All in all, it was an eye-opening experience and one I would gladly repeat. Laughs and cardio – what’s not to love?”

– Poon Li-Wei, former features and beauty writer

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