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If you’re a working adult, chances are like many people, you too would have questioned yourself “What to have for lunch?”. The best bet is probably to go to a economy, or mixed rice restaurant that is just around the corner from your office block, or perhaps even the stall right opposite. What could go wrong at a mixed rice stall? It’s a win-win situation for almost everyone in the lunch group.

It is easy to find economy rice stalls in Malaysia, and the term is not tied to a particular cuisine. There are Chinese, Indian and Malay mixed rice stalls, and sometimes if you’re lucky, you can have dishes from all three of them on one plate! The difficult part perhaps comes when deciding on how many dishes to take. Yes, portioning! Too much of good stuff is not good for you, yes?

“Most of the time people have a hard time controlling their portions or the number of dishes they take because they’re hungry when they get to the stall,” says certified medical exercise specialist, Chloe Lai. While Chloe says that it’s okay to have economy rice every day, it’s important that you make the right choices with the dishes, not over-do the portions.

She shares some tips on what to do when the hunger pang strikes, and you’re surrounded by food, glorious food.

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Use the ‘palm portion’ rule


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Chloe says to look at your palms (do not include the fingers) to gauge the correct portion. The preferred combination when having mixed rice is one portion of protein, two portions of vegetables, half or no rice at all.

Meanwhile, when you pack your meals, do think about packing it in a proper container, as tapau meals in the wrong type of container constantly, can harm you.

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