Hang Out at Dome Cafe with Her World – “Why education should not have boundaries.”

We discuss how refugee children in Malaysia can gain access to education as with education, we can help these children change their lives.

In this episode of Hang Out at Dome Cafe with Her World, editor Eena chats with Maja Lazic, Deputy Representative for the office of the United Nations High Commisioner for Refugess (UNHCR) in Malaysia, Racheal Kwacz, Child & Family Development Specialist and Dr Sally Hirsh, General Manager of Ideas Academy about education for the refugee children living in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, refugee children do not have access to public education and adults are not permitted to work. This makes gaining access to education which can change lives a big challenge. Watch our conversation to learn what you can do to help the refugee community in Malaysia strive for a better tomorrow.

Location: Dome Cafe IPC