Guide to a Muslim Friendly Food Trip to Western Australia

Don't put your dream trip away because of food.
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For many of us, the best part of a trip is definitely the food.

A trip to Western Australia for one, will not be complete without having a taste of the local offerings. However, you might be thinking that due to its popularity as a wine region, there aren’t that many Muslim-friendly options to enjoy. But, there are countless Muslim-friendly food options, not just in the capital city Perth, but across its regions as well.

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To get you started on your food trail, check out this guide to find Muslim-friendly options for an epic gastro-adventure in Western Australia.

Head to a local market for the freshest produce

Couple shopping for fresh produce at the Fremantle Markets. Picture credit: Tourism Western Australia

What will make your trip truly unique is the availability of fresh produce, available at nearly any local market across the five regions of Western Australia.

If you’re in Perth, a trip to the Freemantle Markets is well worth the visit. Built in 1897, it is one of the city’s most significant landmarks and has rightfully earned itself a reputation as one of the best destinations in Fremantle for locals and tourists alike. Housed in an historic, heritage-listed building, you will find more than fresh produce here. With a variety of events held for visitors of all ages, you’ll be sure to enjoy your visit here.

There are plenty of local markets situated in towns and cities outside of Perth as well, giving you a Muslim-friendly option, wherever you go in Western Australia. If you’re heading to the South West, don’t miss making a day trip out of the Albany Picnic Provisions Trail where you can take a self-drive trip to Albany’s markets located at the town’s centre where you can meet with local farmers. This trail will give you an exciting opportunity to explore the South Coast while savouring in its bountiful produce at the same time.

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