Advocating Flexible Work Hours For Career Mums

Flexible work hours may be the answer for better work-life balance.
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Finding The Winning Formula

In their report titled My Work, My Future: Embracing The Winning Formula For Flexible Work Arrangements, TalentCorp cited a study by audit and business advisory firm Ernst and Young which found that if more companies were to increase adoption of flexible work arrangements, the increased value in productivity could reach up to USD1.4 billion (RM5.87 billion). The report also offered statistics from various studies on how the introduction of flexible working arrangements at global organisations has contributed to increased productivity. This concurs with findings by Accenture.

“Allowing our people to pay much-needed attention and commitment to their life outside of work enables them to give their best at work,” says Nicole. “Giving their best at work is also great for our clients and the teams. All in all, it is a win-win situation for all.”

Flexible working hours will allow parents to spend more time with their family, no matter how demanding their job. Photo from Pixabay.

Nicole’s position is backed by Accenture’s “Getting To Equal 2018” research, conducted annually across the globe to identify factors that can address the gender gap in the workplace by collecting data from their offices worldwide, which number more than 200. The results showed that in an office where women and men have equal opportunities for advancement and pay, not only do the women advance more, but so do the men, compared to offices where these factors were not present.

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