Explore These Muslim-Friendly Destinations In Western Australia

These destinations are great for family holidays.

Western Australia is the perfect destination for Muslim travellers who are looking to spend some quality time together with their loved ones. With so many family-friendly activities, Muslim-friendly eateries, and gorgeous sights to behold, it’s easy to fall in love with Western Australia from the moment you step foot in it.

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Being one of the largest states in the world that is complemented by diverse climate, a long history and spectacular flora and fauna, there is a wonderful coalition of experiences, sights and senses, just perfect for families looking for a casual trip that span from a few days to even a few weeks

Its capital city, Perth, is just a 5.5-hour flight away from Kuala Lumpur and even shares the same time zone with us. Jet-lag begone! While there are endless destinations in Western Australia to explore, we’ve created the ultimate checklist with some of the most gorgeous and family-friendly attractions for parents to enjoy together with their kids

Here are some top choices of exciting activities and interesting places to explore in Western Australia:

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Explore the idyllic rural farms stays

Family enjoying the campfire at Mary’s Farm Cottages, Kukerin (Photo credit: Tourism Western Australia)

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourselves in the rural life and landscapes of Western Australia. Farm stays will give you the chance to spend some quality family time around a warm campfire, feed animals, collect eggs, learn how to milk a cow and take unhurried bushwalks in the misty morning sunshine. This is a great opportunity for kids to have a fun, interactive and educational experience about animals while getting close with nature.

Some of the top farm stay destinations include Boshack Outback, which is a secluded and pristine bushland near Toodyay and is only 90 minutes from Perth; the immensely popular Margaret River Hideaway and Farmstay that is a gazetted “Land for Wildlife” property; and Billa Billa Farm, a stunning property adjoining the Walpole Wilderness Area in beautiful North Walpole. All of these offer a genuine rural experience and a perfect base for your family holiday.

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