Effective Ways to Break Away And Cut Ties

Romantic relationships aren't the only ones you'll have to sever as an adult.
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Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes you need to break away from a relationship. How do you cut ties with a subpar personal trainer or a masseuse who is rubbing you the wrong way?

If you need to say “goodbye” but cannot find the words, here are some tips that will help make breaking away easier, so you can move on.


You took up running (or that Zumba class) together, but now you feel like your buddy is holding you back. If you want to change your exercise regimen, tell her you want to work out longer, faster or more often, and ask if she would like to join you, says psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina, PhD, author of Money, Sex And Kids. If she says no, you can respond with, “I have enjoyed working out with you, but I want to try this new thing.”

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