So You Want To Start An Online Business?

Get started with these three tips for budding home-based entrepreneurs.
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There are advantages to running an online business. The most attractive is, of course, needing less start-up capital due to low operating costs. Paying ‘rent’ for a website is a lot cheaper than a shop lot! And, if you’re selling through social media, the cost is even lower.

Another advantage is being able to sell your products to people anywhere, without needing to open a physical shop there. Last but not least, you get to work from home, or anywhere you wish that has an internet connection.

Still, running a business on your own can be overwhelming. This is where organisations like Caring Moms step in. It provides women, especially mothers, with the tools and support needed to run a commercially viable and professional home-based business.

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Need a little bit more encouragement? Malaysia is often identified as a country with good entrepreneurial potential. Recently, the team from Coventry University’s International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE) visited from the UK to promote Malaysian enterprise and entrepreneurship.

“We identify countries that have energy, economic growth, drive, and a willingness to do things. Not to mention, an entrepreneurial strategy, which you don’t find in many countries. There’s a difference between normal businesses and entrepreneurial businesses, in which the latter is more energetic and focused on creating long-term growth – that is why Malaysia was chosen,” says Director of ICTE Professor Gideon Maas.

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