10 Iconic Malaysian Women Who Inspire Us

They're the very epitome of #girlpower.
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Nadira Yusoff, co-founder and CEO of Nadi-Ayu

Humble and down-to-earth, Nadira will charmingly tell you how despite not having much business acumen and armed simply with a passion for gaming, she went on to found Nadi-Ayu in 1991. The company comes up with technological innovations and solutions – even producing their very own laptop, Natsys. What sets them apart in a world of escalating competition is that they’ve focused on the rural poor, so prices are reasonable and payback schemes are easily tailored to match individual needs.

In doing so, Nadi-Ayu hopes to connect these people to technological advancements and opportunities for their livelihoods to flourish. And it is precisely this end goal of helping others that has kept Nadira going for so long, even pulling her up from rock bottom when Nadi-Ayu hit a rough patch during its earlier years, when its business strategies were completely misaligned with the market situation at the time and they nearly went bust.

Thankfully, she’s always held onto her belief that no dream is too big. Today, she’s the president for the Women Entrepreneur Network Association (WENA),  deputy president for the National Council of Women’s Organizations, and managing director for Girls in Tech Malaysia (GITM).

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