10 Iconic Malaysian Women Who Inspire Us

They're the very epitome of #girlpower.
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These iconic Malaysian women trailblazers show us that the only reason the glass ceiling exists is for it to be shattered. May you find inspiration in their tenacity and eventual triumph against naysayers!

Puteri Kirana, bike stuntwoman

Lights, camera, action – but it’s not all diamonds and glamour for Puteri Kirana, who’d like to set a few things straight first about being a bike stuntwoman. It’s all hard work, literal blood, and sweat for an industry that she says severely underpays its stunt actors.

In fact, often, the pay doesn’t even cover the cost of fuel used during the job. But still, her penchant for the extreme (that love struck during her first lesson in martial arts) compelled her to reach and upon the completion of her studies, she decided to join the police force. Here, she picked up combat skills and decided to combine it with her other passion for motorcycling at the tender age of 23.

Today, she’s a proud mother of two with no inclination of slowing down alongside her husband who is in the exact same field as she is (they both have 12 bikes between them!).

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