Do You Really Need A New Year’s Resolution?

Find out what our Hang Out at Dome with Her World guest panel had to share.

Having a resolution each new year can be a good thing or it can lead to frustration if you don’t meet your goals. But do we all really need one each year? Her World editor, Eena chats with TV personality Nadia Heng, actor, producer and National Ambassador to UNICEF Malaysia, Lisa Surihani and founder & consultant of Thinkint, Sybella Ng to understand resolutions better.

Watch this episode of Hang Out at Dome Cafe Malaysia with Her World to find out why Eena is not keen about having yearly resolutions? And why Nadia will always make a list of resolutions each year.  Also learn what Lisa Surihani shares has strengthen her relationship with her husband and what Sybella says is a good practice to always stay motivated.