Do More With The Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Here are some reasons not to leave home without it!
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Never miss a precious moment!

An in-demand commercial and fashion photographer, Michael Yeoh gave pointers on using the Galaxy Note10|10+ to take better pictures and videos.

With social media letting us quickly share memorable moments of our day with anyone we choose to, more of us are capturing these moments as ‘moving pictures’. However, getting videos to look good without knowing the ins and outs of complicated, and pricey, apps used to be a real challenge. Not anymore!

The Galaxy Note10|10+ comes enhanced with super steady shot and live-focus video features. Super steady shot is a must when capturing moving objects, or when you’re the one who’s moving! Think: filming your kid’s concert or sports day, or the beauty around you while hiking. With this mode enabled, footage looks smoother and without the blurry, ‘shaky hands’ effect.

Capturing the best shot of break-dancers

As for live-focus video, it lets you place more focus on your subject with specialized effects
including blur, colour point, big circle (aka ‘bokeh‘), and glitch. In an cavernous space such as the top floor of REX KL, live-focus video came in handy to blur the background, play with lighting, and create some drama by playing with colours.

Along with the convenience and control given by the S-Pen, it was so easy to edit and immediately upload the videos we took to Instagram.

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