Do More With The Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Here are some reasons not to leave home without it!
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Can you imagine leaving home without your phone? 10 years ago, the answer may still have been a ‘yes’. But these days, a phone basically has everything you need to function optimally. Not having Google, a camera, Facebook, Instagram, and a navigation app at your fingertips? Unthinkable!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (left) and Note 10+ (right)

As for those who want to know “Can I do that on my phone?”, Samsung  says that with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ devices, the answer is always yes! Setting out to prove this bold statement, and in conjunction with the #iChanged campaign, Samsung recently organized a “Don’t Leave Home Without It!’ hands-on workshop at REX KL.

The workshop was broken into three sessions: pro-grade photography and videography, AR Doodle, and Google apps.

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