Decorate Your Home Like A Hotel Room

Interior designer Blaine Robert shares with us tips for luxe decor on a budget.

We take inspiration from many sources when decorating the house, especially when looking to impress guests as the hostess-with-the-mostest. One of these inspirations would be hotel rooms, either ones that we’ve stayed at, or seen in magazines or advertisements on other platforms. Hotel rooms are a standard to aspire to when decorating the room not just for its visual aesthetics but also its comfort level. Don’t you just feel like you want to live in a hotel room or suite forever? Well, then maybe it’s time to change where you already live into one big hotel suite.

To help ascertain what it is exactly that makes hotel rooms so pleasant and inviting, and how to get the luxe feel on a budget, we asked interior designer Blaine Robert of Blaine Robert Lifestyle for some tips and tricks. Recently appointed as the international design consultant for Kraftangan Malaysia, Blaine has been based in Malaysia since 2002 by way of Calgary and Tokyo. His design firm focuses on interior decor and furniture design, and most recently Blaine has been responsible for the interior decor at the Ritz-Calrton Residences, Kuala Lumpur.

Interior designer Blaine Robert.

Blaine is the perfect person to dish out tips on how to decorate your home like a hotel on a budget. Here are his top tips for the living room and bedroom.

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Luxe Hotel Suite Feel For The Living Room

“People often purchase things without thinking of the big picture,” says Blaine. Hotel interior decorators, on the other hand, design the whole room based on a chosen concept and and decide on furnishings that fit that concept. Thus, for homemakers, it’s important to decide on a concept and stick to it.

Blaine’s design for the Ritz-Calrton Residences.

To make a living room feel like a hotel suite, one way to do this is by paying attention to all the little details. “Take a few moments in the day to make yourself happier, look better or feel better,” says Blaine. Look for interesting decor pieces that fit your concept and place them sparingly on table tops and display surfaces. Do take care to balance out your items with your space so that it doesn’t look too cluttered. Luxury hotel suites are never cluttered.

You also shouldn’t feel rushed to go out and buy decor items. Wait for the perfect objects to appear in your life so that home still feels like home. “Fill up your house with things you love,” says Blaine.

Mask smells from cooking with a nice-smelling home fragrance, which is especially useful in open plan homes.

“One thing that most people don’t think more about is home fragrance, which is important to cover up smells of cooking,” says Blaine. Of course, a nice home fragrance will make the house feel more pleasant and welcoming, too, just like when you first check-in into a hotel room.

“Home fragrance is a really affordable way to make the house feel good,” says Blaine.

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