Covid-19: Heartwarming Stories To Uplift Your Spirits

Amidst the havoc and sadness wreaked by the virus, kindness prevails.
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While we all stay home to flatten the curve and curb the spread of Covid-19, selfless frontliners are out there doing their job to keep Malaysia safe and functioning. How we can thank these unsung heroes for their dedication and sacrifices is to show them kindness and gratitude. Often, a small gesture of appreciation is what motivates us the most, especially during such challenging times.

The doctor treating Covid-19 patients

During my oncall in ICU, it was my shift to take care COVID intubated patient in isolation room. With the complete Personal Protective Equipment from head to toe, soon I felt pain over my face where the metal part of N95 face mask imprinted on. I kept breathing in vapour trapped in the mask. I could not see clearly as goggle was filled up with water vapour as well.
Just when I busy adjusting Ventilator and CVVH, monitoring PiCCO.. suddenly the phone in isolation room rang. I picked up the phone, the son of the patient made phone call to hospital. I explained to him what has happended to his father and our treatment right now. Towards the end of our conversation, he said “I’m Sorry doctor, kalau saya tau bapa saya ada Covid, saya tak akan bawa ke hospital, tidak akan menyusahkan doctors and nurses semua..” I almost shed my tears when hearing this.. I told him it was not anyone’s fault for being infected with COVID. Do not feel apology or guilty, it’s always our duties and responsibilities to save patients, no matter what virus or disease. At this critical period, love and support is what needed the most, instead of pointing fingers or pushing blames around.. I sincerely pray that all of us Malaysians would stay safe and looking forward to the day when we could breath in fresh air outside the house. 🙏🙏🙏 #fightcovid #oncallagain #iamadoctor #ihavenoregret

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