Couples Talk: The Right Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Find out how to use Enneagram personality profiling to identify your partner's preferences.

Maybe it’s for an anniversary, or just to show your honey that he or she is loved and appreciated. No matter the occasion, big or small, choosing gifts takes lots of time and mental gymnastics. Often, it’s also a process fraught with stress and anxiety. Because the more you care about someone, the more you want to give them all the happiness you know they deserve.

Couples Talk is our new video series, where we share with you real and relevant tips on modern love. In this first episode, we feature Cindy Leong, a relationship guru and Enneagram master trainer at Relationship Studio. She explains how Enneagram personality profiling works, and how it can help you pick the right gifts for your loved ones. Consider this a DIY gift guide *wink*.

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