Check Your Health at Home Using These Methods

These checks can help save your life.
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It’s true that going for your annual health checkup is important, especially when you’re past your 30s.

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But if you think about it, many serious health problems such as stroke and eyesight degeneration can actually be discerned before you even step foot into your doctor’s office. That’s why it is equally important to keep on top of your health at home.

Do you have a measuring tape, a piece of A4 paper or a chair, and 60 seconds to spare? Then you can easily perform these simple self-screenings at home that can help give you an idea of your risk for health issues from diabetes to your lifespan:

Lifespan Prediction

What to do: See how many times you can sit and stand up from a chair in one minute, making sure you stand completely upright, with straight legs, every time.

Be concerned if: You can only perform about 20 repetitions. You’re twice as likely to have a shortened lifespan than women who can perform more than 30 in 60 seconds. The ‘chair rise’ test is a measure of muscle strength, which is a predictor of life expectancy.


How to fight it: Eat a 65g serving of cooked lean, red meat three or four times a week, and do some regular strength training exercises. It’s a combination that results in an 18 per cent bigger increase in muscle strength than exercise alone. The protein in the meat stimulates the production of a hormone that improves muscle growth.

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