Can You Actually Work Out In Your Jewelry?

Working out in jewelry can affect your skin and the jewelry.
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Rocking Jewelry When You Work Out

That said, you can totally still spice up your workout attire with jewelry—as long as you stick to the right materials and styles.

First, avoid wearing jewelry made of the following materials when getting sweaty:

  • nickel
  • brass
  • copper
  • gold plate

Instead, rock:

  • pure gold
  • gold-filled jewelry
  • sterling silver
  • silicone (like those workout-friendly rings you’ve probably seen on Instagram)

To minimize your risk of reacting to your jewelry (especially the cheaper stuff) during a workout, Dr. Darius recommends applying a little petroleum jelly to the skin around your jewelry. You can also coat your jewelry with clear nail polish to prevent any pesky skin discoloration.

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Beyond that, stick to more minimalist pieces of jewelry, Rueff recommends. Stud earrings and simple, lightweight bracelets and necklaces can all make you feel like a queen while you get your sweat on—without getting in your way.

Skip the rings if you’re lifting weights, but go ahead and pile on your favorites (as long as they’re not loose) for workouts like yoga.

If your skin or piercings are prone to irritation, make sure to cleanse and dry both your piercings and jewelry well after sweating it out, says Dao. (And clean that sterling silver jewelry at the first sign of tarnishing!) After all, dark, moist environments (like the inside of your ear piercings) are ideal for germs.

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