15 Things Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Can’t Do After Marrying Into Royalty

The British Royal Family have their own rigid set of rules to follow, including some that are downright strange.

The British Royal Family is certainly glamorous (and wealthy). Its members lead seemingly charmed lives — jet-setting around the world, rubbing shoulders with both celebrities and world leaders.

Not to mention, the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex have enviable wardrobes that make headlines. So influential are they, the items they’re spotted wearing or using are known to sell out!

However, members of the British Royal Family have to live their lives abiding by strict rules of conduct. It doesn’t matter whether they’re born into royalty, or marry into it — the rules still apply.

Here are 15 strange but true ways life is different for British royalty:

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1. You cannot accept food or drinks unless at an official function

When the royals take part in a walkabout, they are not allowed to take food or drinks. Why? For security reasons. Just as their ancestors used royal taste testers, royals today will not accept food because there is no way to verify that it is safe.

2. You can’t be active in politics

The Royal family is technically allowed to vote, but they choose not to because it’s considered unconstitutional and something that would take away from their ability to identify with and relate to all sections of society.

3. Two heirs cannot travel together

It was once a rule that two heirs were not allowed to travel together for fear that their aircraft would go down and Britain would lose two potential rulers in one blow. This rule is all but forgotten now but it still exists.


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4. When you adopt a royal title, you cannot be referred to as anything else

While people still call her Kate Middleton in casual conversation, no one would ever think of addressing her in that way in a formal setting. She can only be referred to by her full official title, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

5. You shouldn’t expect to see a lot of shellfish

In the past, the Royal Family was discouraged from eating shellfish out of concern for risking food borne illness and allergic reaction. The Queen, to this day, reportedly will not touch them.

6. You are not allowed to play Monopoly

Prince Charles’s younger brother, Prince Andrew Duke of York, banned Monopoly in the Royal Family because it reportedly became “too vicious” when they attempted playing it in the past.

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