Book Review: Epic Hikes of the World

Take inspiration from the stories for your next hike.
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As an avid hiker who’s recently summited Mount Kinabalu in my home country of Malaysia, I was pretty stoked to see the first double page photograph of the Lonely Planet’s Epic Hikes of the World to be that of Mount Kinabalu. It’s a photograph of the vast granite landscape near the majestic South Peak (yes, the peak that you see on our RM1 note). Only those who’d made it pass the Sayat Sayat checkpoint would immediately recognise this area if you don’t know much about this mountain. So, on a personal level, it’s very special to see the book open with that photograph of all the other 49 incredible hiking routes and a further 150 suggestions featured in this full-coloured, hardcover literature, written by experienced hikers and experts in the field.


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If the Epic Runs of the World, which we have read earlier, are for runners (read the review here), this one’s definitely for avid hikers who’d like to know more about some of the popular routes around the globe. Or, it could be just a good read for just about anyone who revels in someone else’s adventures. You’ll see the 50 featured routes divided into five chapters in the contents; Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Each route is marked by its difficulty level; easy, harder, epic. The articles, written in the first person are compelling, awe-inspiring, and coupled with the photographs, suggestions and little fun facts of the places featured, the book is an easy, exciting read that does not go on like a boring manual. But like the other books in this series, I do wish that it wasn’t physically that heavy that I had to prop it up on a desk for every read.

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