Blu Inc IWD 2020: 3 Women Unite Towards #EachForEqual

We're celebrating International Women's Day with an empowering and uplifting message on female solidarity!

An equal world is an enabled world.

The hand sign for International Women’s Day 2020. Image:

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebration is #EachForEqual – a timely reminder to be responsible for our own thoughts and actions, and to stand our ground and speak up. Although we may not make much of an impact on our own, change does begin from each of us. Collectively, empowered women – and men – can help to create a gender-equal world.

In the spirit of #EachForEqual, we’re celebrating women this 8th March through visual storytelling and participation.

Interactive Walls

Engage with 5 interactive walls at Pavilion KL, each with an empowering and inspiring message. Share who you are, and discover more about yourself through quotes from iconic women, motivational sayings, as well surveys revealing insights into current mindsets and lifestyles.

The walls will be up from 6th March to 22nd March.

Locations of walls:

  1. Main Entrance, Level 3
  2. Connection, Level 3 (Next to Quivo)
  3. Connection, Level 3 (Fronting illy Café)
  4. Pavilion Elite, Level 4
  5. Dining Loft, Level 7

Short Film


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STAND TOGETHER is a short film brought to you by Blu Inc Media (our publisher) in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2020.

This three-minute film, premiering 8th March, is a no-dialogue movie about three women – Mia, Geetha and Soo – who are each battling their daily demons. One fateful day their stories intersect, and what happens next changes everything forever.

The full video will be released on 8th March. We can’t wait for you to watch it! In the meantime, get a sneak peek of what to expect in the teaser above, and in these behind-the-scenes pictures.