Get The Best Water Heater For Your Home

Joven celebrates their 35th anniversary by embracing their customers, who just adore their water heaters and more!
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When the sun isn’t up or it’s hiding behind dark, grey clouds – that’s perfect weather for a nice, hot shower! Take it from Joven’s customers, who know first-hand that Joven water heaters play an integral part in their individual lifestyles.

Winding down

A warm shower perks up mind and body after a hot, humid day. Annie Tan, a fitness instructor, spends at least four to five hours in the gym and is drenched in sweat by the end of the day. Her very first encounter with Joven’s water heater was at her gym’s bathroom – after which she got her own for her home. “Joven really suits my active lifestyle. At home, I’d take my own sweet time and even spend up to an hour in the shower. When the water gushes onto my head, I immediately feel my pace slowing down, which helps give me a good night’s sleep,” Annie enthuses. Hence, her top priority when purchasing a water heater is the shower head and water pressure.

Because to me, what’s important is the sensation of the water lashing onto my body, whether the pressure is strong enough, and how good the massage spray function is. That’s why until today, I am very satisfied with Joven.

She also uses the water heater when doing her laundry, because it helps her get the optimal temperature for clean and crisp clothes. Joven also left a lasting impression on Annie due to the affordable pricing and the design that fit perfectly into her home. “Thirdly, I feel their customer service is very reliable. I would recommend Joven to my friends and relatives.”

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