New Beauty Innovations at Changi Airport Terminals

Check these out whether you're in transit or exiting in Singapore!

If you happen to be flying in to Singapore, stop by the Changi airport! Experience new beauty innovations different airport terminals including Terminal 2 and Jewel Changi airport. You’ll not only look in awe at the largest indoor waterfall rain vortex, but also have a fun shopping for your fave beauty products. Take a look at why you should be checking in earlier before your flight!


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Smarter shopping

SK-II’s Future X Smart Store at The Shilla Duty Free Store, Terminal 2, that caters to travellers who are pressed for time. An update to the ‘phygital’ (physical and digital) Discovery Bar concept, the Smart Product Scan and Skincare GPS helps you learn about your skin and shop in the shortest time possible.

  1. The Discovery Bar is a one-stop station providing you with details on where you can find your favourite SK-II products.

    The Discovery Bar


  2.  If you have your own pre-flight shopping list in your phone, use the Smart Product Scan (an advanced image-recognition technology) to help you locate your SK-II must-haves.

    Scan the picture on your phone and it’ll help you locate what you need!


  3. Browsing a whole skincare and beauty aisle can be overwhelming. So to make your shopping experience easier, the Skincare GPS will signal specific shelf lights to go off, allowing you to find what you need win just one glance!


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