An Unconventional Career: Female Forklift Driver

Being sole female FedEx Operations Agent is not stopping Nurul Jannah's career growth.
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While the world is increasingly achieving better equality between males and females in the workforce, there are still some careers people consider as unconventional for women. One of these jobs is as a forklift driver in a warehouse. We find out more about driving a forklift from Nurul Jannah Abdul Malek, 27, who works for FedEx Express Malaysia as an Operations Agent, which requires her to operate the heavy-duty machine as part of her job scope.

Please tell us more about your background.

I am 27 years old this year and grew up in Butterworth but moved to Sungai Ara, Penang after completing my secondary education. I am an SPM holder from Al-Madrasah Al-Khairiah Al-Islamiah Pulau Pinang.

Where were you working at before joining FedEx?

Before FedEx, I was working as a vendor for another delivery company and was tasked to deliver goods to customers.

What made you join FedEx? Also, what were your responsibilities when you first joined the company?

One of my friends introduced me to FedEx, and encouraged me to join the company. When I first joined FedEx, I started out as a motorbike courier where I had to deliver documents to various destinations. After a year, I was assigned the role of Operations Agent, and that was where I had to learn how to drive and operate the forklift as it was part of the job.

What else do you do as an Operations Agent?

Besides driving the forklift and working around the warehouse, I also help my colleagues with delivery services and some administrative paperwork.

What position do you hold now at FedEx?

I currently work at as a Van Courier at FedEx.

When you joined FedEx as an Operations Agent and discovered that driving the forklift was part of the description, did you have to undergo any training to learn how to operate the vehicle?

Yes, I went through a series of training to learn how to operate the forklift.

Do you remember how you felt when you first drove the forklift?

I remember feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Luckily, it all went smoothly and I was able to operate it well and completed my tasks as required. The training definitely helped.

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