A Workshop On Tackling Cross-Border Issues

Harnessing digital technology for cross-border issues.

Do you have what it takes to be a regional leader? Do you want to learn the advocacy and strategic communications skills that are needed to amplify your impact?

Me.reka and the U.S embassy in Kuala Lumpur are calling all aspiring civil society advocates to represent their organizations and champion their causes on a regional level. 

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The workshop, which will be held on June 22-26 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, will focus primarily on equipping 80 participants representing different NGOs and other entities from ASEAN working to tackle these issues with a network of digital tools, skills, expertise, and resources.

The 3-day workshop will provide valuable context on the issues of concern within Southeast Asia through experiencing the deep contrast between the serene beauty and harsh reality present within Sabah. YSEALI aims to equip the 80 participants with relevant strategic communication and advocacy skills to build capacity and utilize traditional and new media, and emerging technologies that are deployable at scale, allowing them to use the resources at their disposal to further their causes.

The workshop will serve as an incubation period for these participants to collaborate, communicate and innovate new solutions that focus on combining their collective efforts toward a communal impact.

Biji Biji Co-founder and Me.reka CEO Gurpreet Singh Dhillion said the workshop will end with the launch of a digital platform, Advocasea, that will serve as the Southeast Asian portal for the three main issues covered, allowing future leaders and regular citizens to access vital information and find further ways to collaborate and help combat and eradicate the effects of these issues within the ASEAN region. 

A limited number of regional leaders will be chosen to attend the workshop held in Sabah to kickstart a united front toward collaborative efforts to tackle cross-border issues.

To sign up, go to: https://www.advocasea.asia/