8 Helpful Tips to Declutter Your Living Space

Get rid of the mess and get organised for good!
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When you’ve lived in your home long enough, you may notice that things are becoming harder to locate, and you’re running out of room for clothes. These are some of the signs it’s time for a spring clean!

Decluttering may seem like a daunting task, because you simply don’t know where to begin. But fret not – here’s a guide to get you started on your journey to minimalism.

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  1. Toss out trash

You can start off with the obvious culprits of clutter – recycle empty jam jars and get rid of old, hole-ridden clothes. These items take up space in your cabinets and have your wardrobe bursting at the seams. Begin by sifting through each drawer, before moving onto the next room. This way, you can keep track of things you own.

  1. Dump duplicates

Preparing for the worst can sometimes mean hoarding objects you already have more than one of. But in time, these items will start to add up and render your home a disheveled mess. Owning a good pair of scissors or one good broom is plentiful. Ask yourself: “Would I buy this again if I lost it?” If your answer is “no” or “maybe”, discard it.

  1. Have a plan

Anything you haven’t used for a year should be chucked out. Think about how long an object has gone unmissed by you. If you’ve lived without it for 12 months, you probably don’t need it anytime soon.

  1. Manage gifts

Let’s face it: we’ve all received gifts we don’t want – whether it’s a novelty mug from your colleague or a cheap perfume your aunt got you for your birthday many moons ago. You can’t find any use for them, yet you feel bad for throwing them out. What you have to know is that you’ll likely be forgiven for finding them a new home. After all, can you recall all the gifts you’ve given to others?

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