6 Malaysian Social Enterprises at Destination: Good

Celebrate what it means to be Malaysian by supporting these enterprises and taking part in more than 30 cultural activities!

AirAsia Foundation launched their first social enterprise centre, Destination:Good, on the 23rd of August, 2019. The aim is to close the gap and encourage collaborations between social entrepreneurs and community-based enterprises. They’re selling over 400 goods that are sustainably and ethically made; sourcing from more than 30 social enterprises all over the ASEAN region.

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2) Athena Empowers

As women, a fundamental understanding of menstrual health hygiene is crucial. However, did you know that at least 500 million (yes, that many) women all around the world still lack access to sanitation products? In Malaysia itself, there are thousands of schoolgirls who are made to remain at home during their menstrual cycle. Athena Empowers aims to educate young women on menstrual hygiene management, offering a series of educational workshops on the topic.

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