6 Hygiene Tips For When You Order Takeout or Delivery

It pays to take precautions to ensure that you don’t introduce contaminants into your home.
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We Malaysians love our food. With the #MCO extended, many of us are sorely missing the Ramadan bazaars, something Malaysians of all ethnicities look forward to during the fasting month.

e-bazaar platforms have surfaced and plenty of virtual bazaar groups have popped up on social media. For those who find it too taxing to cook every day, what a relief it is that you can still get food delivered or tapau from eateries. These options are great ways to help keep your favourite food places alive while you satisfy cravings.

But if you order dishes from outside, you’re smart to take extra measures to protect your family against the spread of Covid-19.


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Because while there’s no evidence the virus can live in cooked food, the packaging may be another story. A new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found the virus can survive in the air and on some surfaces, for this long:

  • In the air — 3 hours
  • On copper — 4 hours
  • On cardboard — 24 hours
  • On stainless steel — 48 hours
  • On plastic — 72 hours

“If you’re touching items someone else has recently handled, be aware they could be contaminated, and wash your hands,” explain James Lloyd-Smith, a co-author of the study and a UCLA professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.

With these new findings in mind, follow these hygiene and safety tips when you order takeaway:

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