5 Ways to Avoid Food Waste and Help the Planet

Here's one way you can help the planet.

One of the great joys of living in Malaysia is the fact that food is abundant, thanks to the diversity of cultures in the country. From nasi lemak breakfast to a midnight roti canai snack, options are available all day, every day.

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In addition to food runs, festive seasons also allow Malaysians to indulge in a variety of spreads – from open houses to restaurant buffets. One of the major pitfalls of this abundance of food is the fact that Malaysians tend to over order and over-prepare meals, which leads to food waste.

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The Importance of Environmentally-Friendly Choices

Since 1957 Malaysia, along with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has supported the country’s National Save Food Network  drive to reduce food waste and post-harvest losses. Additionally, the FAO reports that an estimated one-third, or about 1.3 billion tons, of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste, which contributes to global food insecurity.

It is a harsh reality to consider, but this privilege can also inspire us to make more conscious eating choices.

A recent survey conducted by Herbalife Nutrition around plant-based diets showed that 40% of respondents’ food choices were driven by a desire to be more environmentally-friendly. Reducing food waste is a simple, added bonus that can have a great effect.

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