5 Things To Do When Dealing With Nuisance Neighbours

If the people next door are making your life difficult, here's how to heal the rift.
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Start with a chat

The first step to take in dealing with a disruptive neighbour is to talk to them in person – if it’s safe to do so! “Before heading over there, be dear what it is you’re complaining about, then try and understand it from your neighbour’s point of view,” says Chris. That done, choose a suitable time to have a friendly chat with them. “You don’t want to just go over there uninvited in case they’re busy,” he says.

“Wait for a chance encounter or better still, catch them over the garden fence. Tell them what’s happening and explain – in a conversational, non-aggressive way – how it’s upsetting you. Let them digest the news and see what they say.” You may even be surprised to hear that they didn’t realise their actions were bothering you.

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