5 Secrets of the Film The Sound of Music

The hills are truly alive in Salzburg, Austria.

If you are a fan of the 1960s musical film The Sound of Music, you would be surprised to know some truths about the film. I recently traveled with Trafalgar to Salzburg, the location where most of the scenes from the film was shot and learnt a few interesting facts about this memorable film.

5 Truths About The Sound of Music

  1. Leaving the convent

    Nonnberg Abbey

So we all know that Maria gets sent to live with Captain Von Trapp just as she was feeling a little “lost” being in the abbey. But all the scenes within the abbey was actually shot in a sound studio in Hollywood. This was because they Nonnberg Convent declined the producers request to film within the original abbey. So this is why you only see Julie Andrews who plays Maria strolling away from the convent main door as she sings “I Have Confidence” with the amazing view of Salzburg in the background.

  1. The Von Trapp House

Schloss Leopoldskron

Schloss Frohnburg in Salzburg.

When Maria arrives at the home, she firsts strolls along the yellow brick wall before arriving at the large steel gates. Truth is, in the film, two different palaces; Schloss Leopoldskron and  Fhronburg Schloss were used to play the home of the Von Trapp family. More scenes were shot at Schloss Leopoldskron, for example the scene where the children were singing with Maria while rowing a boat, the cocktail scene, and the scene of Captain Von Trapp dancing with Maria on the balcony.  And as for the Fhronburg Schloss, it was mainly used to depict the exterior of the home.

  1. Gazebo of Love

Everyone know the gazebo scene so well as it was key in showcasing the love of Leisl and Rolf as they sang “I am 16 Going on 17” and who can forget that moment Maria and Baron professing their love through the song, “Something Good”.  First interesting fact is that the gazebo no longer sits on the lawn of Schloss Leopoldskron. The palace was sold to the “Salzburg Seminar in American Studies” in 1959 and now is home to the Salzburg Global Seminar. Part of the palace is also a hotel. Today, the gazebo is beautifully placed for public viewing at Hellbrunn Palace Park. Another fun fact to note is that the gazebo is not as large as it seemed in the film. This is because the interior scene of Liesl and Rolf dancing in the gazebo was shot in a sound stage in Hollywood.

  1. Marionette Inspiration

Director of the film visited Salzburg prior to filming and had experience the marionette performance in SALZBURG MARIONETTE THEATRE. He was then inspired to include this performance within the film and this was the birth of the scene Maria and the children performing “The Lonely Goatherd”. You can still visit and watch the marionettes at this historical theatre.

  1. So Long, Farewell

Yes the film was based on a real-life story but not all the facts of the story was exactly the same. Truth is the Trapp family did not escape Austria and walk over the Alps to get to Switzerland but instead, they emigrated to the United States. In 1941, the Trapp family moved to Stowe to begin a new life. They soon opened their own luxury hotel and apartment business. Till today, you can find their hotel business.

This is me by the infamous gates that Maria and the Von Trapp children ran in after failling in the lake.

Here I am standing by the gazebo at it’s new location.

How to get there!

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Images courtesy of https://www.salzburg.info/en