5 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

Small wins can lead to big success!
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Though January is done and dusted, many of us wouldn’t have forgotten our New Year’s resolutions. Yet. Like many plans made with the best intentions, these have a habit of not working out the way we originally intended. So why not concentrate on more manageable goals, apply the resolution model to our professional lives, and think of ways to improve the work environment instead?

Cut Down the Email Barrage

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We get into work early, determined to tackle that tricky task, only to be overwhelmed by an onslaught of emails that swallow up the rest of the morning. There are a number of ways to make your mornings for the rest of year more efficient, beginning by simply decluttering your inbox. Unsubscribe from time-wasting marketing emails and information you just do not need to know, such as a 10% off lunch voucher that certainly will not have any impact on your business finances. Another option is to put a pause on your inbox: many email services like Gmail offer a ‘pause inbox’ option for when you need to concentrate without disruption. Lastly, should all else fail, simply switch off the Wi-Fi and get down to it. You will be surprised how quickly real tasks can be completed without constant distraction.

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