5 Egg Hacks You Need To Know About

Try these 'eggcellent' ideas!
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How do you like your eggs? Poached, scrambled, fried sunny-side-up or as an omelette? Whichever it is, eggs are one of the least expensive sources of protein! Moreover, who can resist such a versatile ingredient that can be found in your mains, desserts, pastries and even drinks?

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1. Poach eggs in under 1 minute  

All you need to make fluffy poached eggs is some water, a cup, a saucer (or lid) and a microwave. Crack your eggs into the cup and add half a cup of water to it. Cover the cup, microwave it for 45 seconds (for runny eggs) to 55 seconds, and voila – tuck in and enjoy!

2. Slice boiled eggs

Taking 10 minutes to peel a boiled egg perfectly, and then eating it up in 1 minute (or less)? We empathize! Boiling eggs with soda, or soaking them in cold water before peeling, sometimes just doesn’t work! So, why not just slice your boiled egg into half and eat it using a spoon, like you would do with a kiwi fruit?

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